Product Mantra is a collaborative blogging platform for professionals with experience in leading product success. If you are someone who has experience in one or more of these areas and if you believe in learning by sharing then you can be one of our guest bloggers.

There are few things that you must ensure:

  1. All content provided should be original and exclusive for Product Mantra.
  2. Borrowed images and content should have appropriate credits.
  3. Use simple language that can be easily understood by global audience.
  4. Provide us a brief about yourself along with your photograph.
  5. Content once submitted becomes proprietary data of Product Mantra.
  6. Product Mantra takes the final call to publish based on quality and relevance of the post.
  7. Guest bloggers are not entitled for any financial compensation.
  8. We share limited statistics on posts published by you.

Get in touch with us by sending us tweet or direct message on @ProductMantra or email us at


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