Tweet Theorems of Product Management

This post is going to be a lot different from what you are used to read at Product Mantra. It is not that I have ran out of ideas but this post itself is an idea that I surely wanted to experiment for quite some time now. Hope you are going to like it.

Tweet theorems are simple yet powerful message that every product manager should have on his/ her pin-board. This post is influenced by tweets from Jeff Lash, Amanda Ralph and John Cutler.

Tweet Theorem 1 by Jeff lash


JL’s tweet theorem is foundation of PM function. PM, you don’t belong to those cubicles, that’s not your native place instead it’s out there in customer premises, on field and among user group. You are valued highly by engineering team not because you have experience in development but because you bring in customer and market in-sights. You are expected to present a perspective that no one else brings in the team and this is what helps you influence and drive products to championship victory. You want to be successful be closer to your customer and market.

remember – “A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world.”  John le Carré, spy fiction writer

Tweet Theorem 2 by Amanda Ralph


AR’s tweet theorem is more about leadership. It is all about ability to influence and to motivate to get the job done. Gandhi, Mandela and King did not require any designation or power-post to serve the purpose they owned. Similarly, product managers have no direct reports but are expected to deliver via influencing. That’s one skill all product managers must be good at.

Tweet Theorem 3 by John Cutler


JC’s tweet theorem is well known and understood. However, the tweet goes on saying further to what is commonly known, ‘NEVER MENTION YOUR PRODUCT ASK WHY, WHY, WHY….’ This is indeed very important, listen more and talk less. Perhaps this is the difference between a Marketing Manager and a Product Manager. One is expected to talk, convince and sell whereas other is primarily responsible to listen, understand and plan.

That’s it for this time, I am surely following up on those amazing tweets and innovative ways thought leaders are using to speak their mind-out.





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