What do people search about “Product Management”?

Curiosity to find what people search for about product management, led me to dig a bit into what people searched online in the last one year.
I split the the search queries into these categories:

  • Job Search like “product management interview questions”
  • Software tools like “product lifecycle management tools”
  • Skill upgrade like “product management certification”
  • Informational like “what does a product manager do?”

Share of different categories of search queries


Cost of search engine advertising for different categories

Not surprisingly enough, the average cost for search advertising is the highest for software tools, but a bit surprising was that the least was for jobs. The normalised data is shown below:

image (1).png

Top queries that saw the maximum increase in the last year

Queries Increase over previous year
digital product management +50%
agile product management +40%
product management internship +40%
Product manager salary +40%

Top four queries in different categories

Top search queries in Informational category
product lifecycle management
what is product management
product portfolio management
associate product manager
Top search queries in Job Search category
product manager salary
product manager jobs
product manager interview questions
product manager resume
Top search queries in Skill Upgrade category
product management certification
product management training
product management courses
product management books
Top search queries in Software Tools category
product lifecycle management software
product data management software
free product management software
product portfolio management software

Looking at the data above as a whole, I have a few observations:

  • Product Management seems to be getting matured. I was able to categorise 90% of the 500+ unique queries into the above categories unambiguously
  • Jobs are being searched heavily but advertisement costs are the lowest – perhaps head hunters and companies are a bit weary of getting way too many unsuitable candidates?
  • “Associate Product Manager” – makes it to the top 4 in the category – shows great interest in the stream and to make it while you are young
  • I expected “lean” to be as popular as “agile” as far as product management is concerned, but “agile” beats “lean” by a very wide margin

Perhaps a similar exercise every six months might reveal how product management has been evolving over time.


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