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Product Roadmap: Commitment or Direction?

roadmap exampleA product road-map is a schedule of action items that a product owner believes will help improve market share and/or profitability of his product. This list of action items is compiled by processing inputs from various sources including but not limiting to sales, marketing research group, etc (read Collecting requirements and building radar). Action items include product release in newer geographies, features targeting vertical specific requirements, technology (platform, OS, frameworks etc) upgrades, improvised user experience etc along with time lines. Ideally it is talking about priorities with respect to the product life cycle. Continue reading

Maintain Backlog Quality, #pmantra

You are a real good product manager who loves to listen to people and likes to hear ideas from all the corners of the office. You note down everything, dump them on the backlog and then pull your hair when the product backlog grows exponentially. Aha! what the heck! what happens to my customer meetings, review meetings, competition study, etc.

It is worth mentioning here that, just as, all that glitters is not gold, all ideas cannot be sold. It is the role of a product manager to assess which idea is worth selling and which goes to the trash bin. Product managers should maintain the quality of product backlog by exercising allĀ  due diligence to avoid non-relevant requirements from entering into the backlog. Continue reading