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5 Musts of Requirement Management

Requirement management is perhaps the most common task across the product management community. Fundamentally the role of a product manager has evolved and also revolves around ‘Requirement Management’. This task has been so common to the role of product management that many identify Product Managers as Requirement Managers. What customers need and what organizations develop should be aligned else there will a mismatch between demand and supply and this probably is the least possible expectation from a product manager, ‘supply what customers are looking for’.

A product manager can and should never go wrong with managing requirements. Irrespective of the technology, domain, organization or the country of work there are certain fundamentals which a product manager must always stick with or else be prepared for a nose dive.

Requirement management involves aspects of gathering, tracking and prioritizing requirements. Here are some simple yet powerful data points that a product manager should always record against a requirement: Continue reading