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A case of Product recall

193341312_e80ed4f897_qI had just completed the upload of a new version of the iOS app to the Apple appstore and was waiting for approval (used to take around 7 days then) when I finally got a mail saying the app’s new version has been approved and is up for sale. As a Product Manager of the offering on iOS, I was pretty happy having completed an important milestone until the QA engineer called me to tell that when an existing user upgrades the app with the new version, it would render the app totally useless. My heart must have missed a heart beat, but since we had done enough testing, I wanted to experience it myself to make sure what the Quality Assurance engineer said was indeed right. A product manager’s worst nightmare had dawned up on me when I discovered it myself that the new version indeed would render the app useless – it would do nothing but just crash at startup putting several customers who used the product daily into utter inconvenience. My options were limited as several┬ácustomers had updated the app to the new version via the auto-update. This is what I did: Continue reading