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Real Life Scenario: Product Roadmap gone sour

Jack’s organization launched a path breaking web based Application a couple of years ago, which took the market by storm, got in many new customers, filled up the coffers and made investors proud.

Over the years, the Product Manager moved on, some people in the Product development team were moved to other products, and few quit. To make matters worse, the demands from customers for enhancements and bug fixes kept coming in, the client environments evolved and the competition more or less caught up. Continue reading

Case Study: Product roadmap hijacked!

Last week Rich, the product manager of a B2B enterprise product, had finished the release planning of the 1.0 version of the brand new product line that he was managing. The release of the product was two quarters away and this week he was busy interacting with the engineering team on the finer details of the interaction design since the first iteration had just been kicked off. Rich was in general happy that content for the first release was more or less firmed up after a series of research on the competitive landscape, customer needs, technology evolutions and others.

Rich reported to Sunita, Director of Product Management and they had good working relationship. On Thursday when Rich was about to leave for the day, Sunita came over to his office and asked him if they can meet on something urgent. Continue reading

Case Study: Product launch gone awry

Ganesh, the Product Manager of a B2B stand alone Windows application was at the water cooler when he bumped into Arif, the Tech Support Manager. With the new version of his product just having been launched a week before, Ganesh was eager to know the adoption by the key customers. He asked Arif if he saw adoption of the new version and were there any issues that were impeding adoption. Arif promised to check back on a few accounts that he handled and get back. Later in the day Arif comes back – this time an otherwise happy man looks a bit worried. Continue reading