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Maintain Backlog Quality, #pmantra

You are a real good product manager who loves to listen to people and likes to hear ideas from all the corners of the office. You note down everything, dump them on the backlog and then pull your hair when the product backlog grows exponentially. Aha! what the heck! what happens to my customer meetings, review meetings, competition study, etc.

It is worth mentioning here that, just as, all that glitters is not gold, all ideas cannot be sold. It is the role of a product manager to assess which idea is worth selling and which goes to the trash bin. Product managers should maintain the quality of product backlog by exercising all  due diligence to avoid non-relevant requirements from entering into the backlog. Continue reading

Product Mantra: I value People, Customer & Profit

Purpose of business is profit. Profit that you make by selling your product or services to people / organizations you call customer. Customer pays you because they see value in your offering, they either make money or save money using your offering. I tweeted sometime back saying “profit is Proof of Purpose of product. do you make it?” (get this & more using #pmantra) – a business without a profit motive is social service and a product manager must understand that they are NOT in the business of doing something for no profit. Continue reading

Product Mantra: When did I last meet my product development team?

We have had views from Abhay Mathur on ‘When did I last meet my customer‘. Once the Product Manager has ensured that he has chanted the above mantra enough times and has a fair understanding of the customer’s pulse, it is imperative that he translates his understanding to a language that the Product delivery team best understands. So, it is time for the mantra  “when did I meet my product development team last”?

These are some of the questions that the Product Manager has to periodically ask himself and the team: Continue reading

Product Mantra: When did I last meet my customer!

Repeat this mantra every few days ‘When did I last meet my customer?’, especially when you as a product owner are struggling to prioritize features or finding it hard to define requirements. Trust me, the answer to this mantra will tell you the reason of your struggle.

Influenced by a story on web, a competitive analysis you undertook a few days back or pressurized by your friendly neighborhood departments (sales, operations, customer support etc) you decide to prioritize or define a feature. You put in your best thoughts, experience and analysis but still find yourself falling short of the need (who defines it?). So what do you do? Continue reading