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Lessons from the ‘Maker Movement’

So when my five-year old wanted a kitchen set, we got her the latest ‘Hello Kitty’ kitchen set. It comes with a set of miniature saucepans, plates and spoons and yeah, all was great. It kept her busy for a few days, but soon she wanted some more additions to her kitchen set. Hmm, wish I had a 3D printer…… Let us imagine I did indeed have one, then the story would go like this:

 I go to Thinginverse and search for what she wants. Thingiverse provides ‘digital designs for real physical objects’, it is basically an open source directory where people upload their designs. So I go search for frying pans, and find one that she likes. I then resize it so it will fit perfectly on her stove top and modify the design slightly. Now all I need to do print it to my 3D printer and voila! Continue reading

The ‘mobile first’ revolution

I had the great opportunity to attend Luke Wroblewski’s workshop on ‘Multi-device web design’ at the Content Strategy forum conference in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

I was intrigued by the term ‘mobile first’.

What does ‘mobile first’ mean?
Often when developing a web application/site, one actually develops the application for the desktop/PC first. This is standard practice and very often the mobile application is developed by screen scraping.

Luke recommends doing just the opposite and he coined the term ‘mobile first’. Continue reading

Integrating UX practitioners into product development

We have slowly integrated UX members into our product development teams which previously consisted of developers, product managers and testers. It has been a journey to ‘discover the blend of requirements and design that meet the needs of the user’ with the aim to create valuable and usable software.

The aim of this post is it to share some of my experiences during this journey.

Everyone has an opinion on design

‘I think the orange colour is not great, I would go with blue, and there is too much white space. We need to reduce it.’

Continue reading

Product Manager – Are you going feature crazy?

I love discovering features in products, features are what define a product, right? As a product manager, one has the important responsibility to shape a product by carefully filtering through the thousands of feature requests from various stakeholders.

However sometimes there is way too much focus on building a feature rich product, especially in the enterprise space. It becomes very easy to end up feature chasing instead of focussing on producing a valuable and usable product.

It is useful to think about the following when adding new features: Continue reading