Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

I had to drop a cheque to credit to my account; these days regardless of the value of the cheque you can drop them into the cheque drop box and usually the money gets credited to your account in a few days. The problem is when you have a high value cheque and the palpitations are high until the money gets credited – just because you are paranoid about not handing over the cheque to a teller at the bank counter. I headed to ICICI Bank to deposit my cheque and see this drop box


Read the instructions/explanations on the drop-box I was a bit scared to drop my high-value cheque, but it was after close of business and hence I would not be able to deposit by personally visiting the bank who usually give you an acknowledgement.

Since I have an account with Citibank, I walked to the ATM of the bank which had a cheque drop box as well. This is what the box appeared like:


Simple and did not scare me. I did not hesitate to drop my cheque here.

Taking a leaf out of this example, the Product Manager in me looked at how my product could probably be made simpler because as Leonardo Da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“.

What is your opinion about this?

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