My Competitor, My Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and for me this friend has been very special. He keeps me awake at nights so as I do not take things lightly. He gives me jolts when I tend to relax and he keeps me reminding of innovations that I missed. He is my competitor who has been with me ever since I graduated out of university into professional role.

For me, my competitors is not my rival  but he is:

  • someone with same thought process as mine, that’s why are in the same business.
  • someone who has validated my concepts, we do same thing
  • someone who reminds the customer about me, in whatever way
  • someone who thinks about me, they plan strategy keeping me in mind

In my early days as product manager, I spent significant time (at times 40% of my bandwidth in a month) studying competition and in figuring out their strengths and weakness. 10 years gone and I still perform this task as sincerely as I used to do. I learned a lot in my exercise of studying competition, it is like learning from others experience, from my competitors failures and success, and today I do not hesitate in saying that my competitor played a significant role in my professional success as a product manager and I am sure in some or other way you too will appreciate this fact that learning from your competitors has taken you strength to strength.

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About Abhay

Abhay has over 15 years of experience in shaping ideas into products that brings profit to business and delight to it's users. He has been instrumental in driving ideas to launches in various capacities and domains. This includes over half a dozen ideas that are today making profit and few that could not survive the tough terrain of product life cycle. Abhay brings in rich experience in building teams, developing products and putting right process in place. Abhay express and share on;!/mathurabhay

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