Product Mantra: The ball is in my court

If you are looking to upgrade yourself from a Product Manager to a Product Owner, this mantra is likely to help you the most: ‘The ball is in my court’. Chant this mantra 4 to 5 times a day and give a serious thought on what more and what better you could do for your product.

  • Is there anyone who is waiting for any information from someone to get moving, may be I should step in get it done faster.
  • Anyone whose time can be better utilized, is any of my key resources putting time in less priority jobs
  • Any feature that can be included or dropped to make the feature release plan more effective
  • Anyone blaming anyone around, cannot afford this. I must ensure that ball keeps rolling from one court to another and if it stops it has to be my court only.
  • Anything I am missing on competitive intelligence or market intelligence, let me do it now.

Think again and again, firmly believe that you have a lot more to do, a lot more to take care than what your are currently doing. You cannot afford to relax or say ‘all is well’.

Just as you,

  • are caught in cross-fire between various stake holders’ expectations,
  • start thinking what next should you do or
  • start relaxing on your desk thinking you did a good job

say to yourself, ‘The ball is in my court’. I have task to accomplish…..

This mantra will work as a booster, will enrich you with a sense of ownership & responsibility, will strengthen your vision and willingness to improve the product. Trust me once you start chanting this mantra often enough, you will experience a greater confidence and control in yourself.

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About Abhay

Abhay has over 15 years of experience in shaping ideas into products that brings profit to business and delight to it's users. He has been instrumental in driving ideas to launches in various capacities and domains. This includes over half a dozen ideas that are today making profit and few that could not survive the tough terrain of product life cycle. Abhay brings in rich experience in building teams, developing products and putting right process in place. Abhay express and share on;!/mathurabhay

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